GMP stainless steel pass through box

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We have developed the clean room pass box product line for ISO-14644 or GMP certified applications. Sothis pass boxes are manufactured in custom sizes and comply with the ISO 14644 standard, providing a safe and efficient solution for material transfer within the clean room environment.

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Pass box is one of the cleanroom systems, which is used to transfer materials from one side to other side through controlled environment in order to avoid airborne cross contamination. Interlocking door mechanism is the prime feature of a pass box, when door at one side is open the door at other side remains closed. It is popular with other names such as cleanroom pass through, clean transfer window and transfer hatch. In addition, it is widely used in microbiology laboratories in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


1. The cabinet body is selected high-quality SUS304 stainless steel or Painted steel plate which is smooth and easy to clean.
2. Double doors are interlocked to effectively prevent cross-contamination.
3. Special sanitary silicone sealing strip to ensure air tightness.


Pass the middle/small goods between clean rooms or clean room and other environments.

Technical Datasheet CHD-11



Inner diameter dimension

50*50*50 60*60*60
70*70*70 80*80*80

Outside dimension

W: inner W+18/16/22
D: inner D+7
H: Inner H+9

Portal body

Sticking out


mechanical interlock / electronic interlock
/ magnetic interlock


Hinge/Door axle

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz

Sterilization lamp




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